This stand is designed with four point contact and is formed to fit the item for secure cradled support. This style is good for fragments, fossils and plates.


A delicate supportive arc is hand crafted so that the bottom of the object fits against the cradle with no gaps. This mount is designed for bracelets, anklets and disk-shaped objects.


This style stand is designed to display the necklace with minimal visual interference from the support structure. It works well for rigid necklaces and heavy jewelry.


A simple style for round bottomed objects like pots, vases, or bowls. This style ensures an artistic balance between the item and this minimalist stand.

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Utilizing strong sheets of metal this stand creates a perfect support for hats, helmets, and other items that need to rest on a support to be displayed properly.


A stand for necklaces that need more over-all support for proper display. A hand cut metal sheet is mounted onto the stem to support the necklace at any angle.


A basic tripod stand for round objects that need proper support such as amphora and round bottom pots.


A curved hook stand that is excellent for pendants and relics. This design can also be made with two hooked posts for displaying earrings.

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This stand is used for a secured cradling without drilling or epoxy. It is used to display flat objects like tiles or panels.


A variation of the 'hanger' stand with the addition of a lower support structure to stabilize top heavy items.


A single or double posts on a base plate for drilled or permanent mountings. We offer this stand with or without epoxy attachment.

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A coil shaped steel rod is hand-crafted to fit smaller objects like spear heads or head statues with tips on the bottom. The spiral stand adds a whimsical look.

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Exotic woods are shaped and carved to create natural settings for any items. Wood stands are an attractive alternative to metal stands.


If none of the styles above meet your mount needs, we create custom item-specific gallery stands by request.

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